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Hello! I simply love playing with words in both their literal sense and their outline shape and form... hence the name Wordplay.

Wordplay began its life back in 2012. A few years before this, I left the hustle and bustle of London and my role as a senior graphic designer to start a family. I finally settled near the coast in the idyllic Suffolk countryside. After a while my design brain got a bit twitchy and what began as a little bit of fun, ended up as a small business.

My background is primarily in branding and brochure design, but along the way I also art directed photoshoots and designed sales promotional graphics. Sales promo entailed squeezing vast amounts of text into very small spaces, a skill that has come in very useful believe it or not!

Everything at Wordplay is designed by me, I love creating funny greetings cards and also bringing your stories and special occasions to life in bespoke prints. New to the range, I'm now delighted to offer personalised playing cards which can be tailored to all sorts of events and milestones.

I'm always happy to work with you, and consciously remaining a small business means I can give you the best one-to-one service possible. Do get in touch if you have very specific requirements or want to discuss an idea. 

I'm pleased to say that almost all of my products are still printed by a local company whom I've been working with ever since Wordplay began.

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